"Rust Counseling Partner"
We are a solution provider for solving rust and lubrication problems.

Zerust® VCI Scheaffer® Lubericant OPCO® Lubrication System Whitomore® Lubericant

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For over 40 years, we, TAIYO CIS C O ., LTD ., have been a business partner in Japan for Zerust® vaporizable rust preventives developed by Northern Technologies International (Nasdaq: NTIC). In more than 10 Asian countries, we support joint ventures with NTI.

The Lubricant business, which started in 1999, handles products from companies with a very l ong history, such as Whitmore® / USA (established in 1893) and Schaeffer® / USA (established in 1839).

We also handle products with unique functions such as OPCO®, KATS®, and JET LUBE® to meet customer needs.

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