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One century along with the history of the lubricating oil.

As a pioneer of lubricant

In 1893, the United States government asked the study of lubricant for the use in construction machinery to Whitmore company for the opening of the Panama Canal.

Then, the history of Whitmore exactly started.

In the current awareness of the global environmental protection, the technology of Whitmore does not only focuse on performance and cost of the products, but also focuses on safety, health, environment.

Whitmore's products have attracted widespread attention around the world, especially in outlook on ethic as the company that is respected around the industry of Western countries.

Application technology@of special lubricant

BiolaminantTM EutecticTM Bio-koteTM
LubristatTM Corrosion GuardTM ExcelsiolTM
Poison leaching method of treatment is non-conforming

Product information

Gear oil
Open Gear grease
Dry film
Chain oil
HD Grease
Railways (Rail)
Hydraulic oil
High temperature grease
Compressor oil
Food for lubricant
Permeability / sliding surface oil
Compound paste

Air blazer
Air Sentry